The National Fire Fighter Relations Committee (NFFRC) is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors of Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC). The committee is comprised of up to twelve voting members who represent the fire service across Canada. The chair of the NFFRC also sits on MDC’s Board of Directors.

The primary role of the committee is to provide vision and leadership for the numerous activities, and campaigns undertaken by Fire Fighters in support of people with neuromuscular disorders. The goal of the NFFRC is to increase revenue and provide awareness within the vision, mission and brand identity of MDC. To achieve this, the committee collaborates with staff to ensure that the strategic objectives of MDC are being reflected in the efforts of the Fire Fighters.

The Fire Fighters who sit on the committee volunteer their time to do so, as do all Fire Fighters who participate in fundraising events and awareness activities in support of MDC and Canadians impacted by neuromuscular disorders.

The Fire Fighters who sit on the National Fire Fighter Relations Committee meet at least four times a year, with one of those meetings usually taking the form of an in-person meeting in Toronto.

If you have a question regarding any of this information and have been unable to reach your local fire department, please contact Muscular Dystrophy Canada at or 1-800-5767-2873.