Family and Caregiver Retreats empower clients, their family members and caregivers to connect with others who are living similar experiences to provide support and help reduce social stigmas. These Family and Caregiver Retreats offer a weekend ‘away from it all’ in a safe, welcoming, and natural setting. Family and Caregiver Retreats provide:
  • An opportunity for attendees to meet and socialize with others who have similar experiences;
  • An opportunity to gain useful insights from experts and other families about caring for themselves and their loved ones;
  • Access to a range of complementary therapy services and information sessions;
  • Access to an assortment of leisure and social activities;
  • A well-deserved break from some of the demands of daily life;
  • Social gatherings to foster friendship and a sense of community;
  • The Family Retreats also offer opportunities for children living with a neuromuscular disorder to meet other children with similar experiences and develop new friendships.
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