Muscular Dystrophy Canada provides accessible information and educational support to the neuromuscular community across the country. We offer opportunities to build a community of support through presentations like Muscle Facts, conferences, network meetings, educational sessions, and community activities like the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy. We raise awareness of neuromuscular disorders, provide information on best practices to prevent complications and disseminate knowledge on new treatments, the latest research and current clinical trials.

Across Canada each year, we answer thousands of phone calls and emails and provide support and information to individuals affected by neuromuscular disorders, their family members and caregivers along with healthcare professionals. We also receive requests for referral information and for group presentations.

The Muscle Fact Program is offered by Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s Service Specialist to help educate different audiences on specific neuromuscular disorders, our services & supports as well as to open the conversation around inclusivity. The program is broken into three types of presentations:

  1. Muscle Fact Presentations allow for further understanding and education amongst peers of a child affected by a neuromuscular disorder. These presentations are usually best at helping school aged youth understand differences in disability and opening the conversation on neuromuscular disorders/disability. The program can be offered at any age but is usually found most beneficial once symptoms become noticeable or a student starts using mobility equipment. This helps their peers ask questions for further understanding.
  2. Lunch & Learn Presentations provide educational staff the opportunity to learn more about the neuromuscular disorder impacting a student and how to create an inclusive environment. Lunch & Learns allow for brainstorming inclusive ideas and accommodation for the student. These presentations are often very detailed on the disorder. Often times the neuromuscular journey is scary and new for not only the family but the educational staff, this is where we can assist with help. Lunch & Learn Presentations can take place at a time convenient for you.
  3. Outreach presentations are geared toward health care professionals and community agencies. The purpose of these presentations is to raise awareness of programs and services Muscular Dystrophy Canada offers.
To learn more or book a presentation, please email or call toll free 1‌-‌800‌-‌567-2873.

Conferences and Symposiums are opportunities to present findings, implement learning’s and provide information to help improve the overall quality of life for individuals living with neuromuscular disorders. They focus on knowledge translation, assisting with moving research outcomes, and improving standards of care and best practices.

Check out upcoming dates for Conferences and Symposiums on our Event Calendar.

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