About MDC

Since 1954, Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC) has been the leading voice of the neuromuscular community in Canada. Thanks to our generous donors, we support individuals impacted by neuromuscular disorders, by investing in research, delivering critical programs and services, and challenging public policy.

Funded by Canadians from coast to coast, our investment in the research community is advancing the development of important new treatments. Our programs and services play a critical role in informing and supporting members of the neuromuscular community by funding equipment to improve daily life; hosting family and caregiver retreats; providing emotional and educational support; and with providing access to vital resources and support systems. Our advocacy efforts focus on enhancing public policy at all levels of government to bring about positive change. We are currently working to bring new treatments and trials to Canada. Advances in medicine have resulted in individuals with neuromuscular disorders living longer but not necessarily living better. As their disorder progresses and changes, so do their needs and financial strains.

Our desire is to provide support through all stages of disease progression by providing the tools, resources and support individuals need to live a full and rich life. Because at Muscular Dystrophy Canada, we are more than an organization serving clients, we’re a family.