The Virtual TD – MDC Let’s Connect Network meetings provide valuable support, resources, education and opportunity to form friendships. The TD Networks are a great opportunity to meet a Paralympic athlete, chart your path to the big screen and take a trip around the globe – all from the comfort of your own home.

Join us for:

  • The Path to Acting with George Alevizos
    September 25 2021, 2:00 PM (ADT)
  • Travel the World with Keith Rashid
    October 16 2021, 2:00PM (ADT)
  • The Power of Dance with Luca Patuelli
    November 13 2021, 3:00PM (AST)
  • The World of Gaming: Where Will You Go? with Ghaasan Akl
    December 11 2021, 2:00PM (AST)
  • Para-Sport Journey with Ben Brown
    January 15 2022, 2:00PM (AST)
  • Cooking Class with Mystery Chef
    February 19 2022, 2:00PM (AST)
  • Wrap Up Party
    March 19 2022, 2:00PM (AST)

To learn more or register for any of the network sessions, please contact Ryanne Belyea by email at or by call or text at 902-403-2837.

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