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Saturday, June 1, 2019 Deloitte Tower


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Q. If my team captain is signed up to do the extreme challenge, am I also obligated to do it?

A. No. You may be a member of his/her team and still do the regular challenge.

Q. If I signed up for the regular challenge but at the last minute I decide that I really want to do the extreme challenge, can I easily make the switch?

A. Yes, but you will have to be quick about it as the extreme challenge is limited to 100 participants. Also, you must raise the minimum $750 required by participants for this challenge.

Q. Can I take part in the Montreal High Rise Challenge if I'm pregnant?

Please take note that taking part in this high level sports activity can cause greater risks to pregnant women. Please be aware that, even with a physician authorization, the building manager is entitled and can refuse that a pregnant woman take part in the activity on the day of the event, and without penalty, fees, charges or recourse of any kind whatsoever to the manager.

Q. Can my child take part in the Montreal High Rise Challenge?

A. For safety and insurance reasons in connection with Cadillac Fairview – Deloitte Tower, the minimum age to participate in the Montreal High Rise Challenge is 16 years. However, children two years old and over affected by a neuromuscular disease are authorized to do the challenge in a rescue chair. The parent must complete a consent form and submit it no later than 10 days before the event at info@defigratteciel.com.

Q. Are all members of an extreme challenge team required to raise $750?

A. Every member of a team taking part in the extreme challenge must raise the minimum $750 required.

Q. How can I make fundraising easy and accessible to all?

A. There are several possibilities. Click here to consult our fundraising tools.

Q. Can I train on the event site?

A. Yes, it is possible to train on the event site. Stay tuned for more information on authorized periods and dates, and procedures required by Cadillac Fairview – Deloitte Tower.