Participate in Our Current Survey!

Have your voice heard. Muscular Dystrophy Canada is excited to announce a one-of-a-kind opportunity! If you have a neuromuscular condition or care for someone who does, we need your help! Please participate in the online questionnaire and tell us about the costs of living with a neuromuscular condition in Canada and how it impacts your everyday life.

Who can participate in the questionnaire?

If you live in Canada and:

  • Are 17 years and older and live with a neuromuscular condition OR
  • Are a parent of a child (age 2–16 years) with a neuromuscular condition OR
  • Are a family member/caregiver to someone living with a neuromuscular condition

You can complete the questionnaire at You can also email or call 1 800 567-2873 ext. 9037 to schedule a time to complete the questionnaire by phone.

The information gathered from this study will help us plan for MDC mission objectives, influence positive change such as public policy efforts and advocate for better treatments and services to the meet the needs of individuals with neuromuscular conditions and their caregivers in the future.

Funding cutting-edge neuromuscular research has always been a priority for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. We support research here in Canada, as well as internationally, through our partnership with the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR). With more new treatments than ever in development, this is a very exciting time in the neuromuscular community.

Our goal is to increase our investment in innovative research so we can continue accelerating the development of more treatments. This includes enabling the translation of basic research into clinical trials, establishing key partnerships and proactively addressing challenges in the drug development and regulatory process to ensure our clients have the information they need and access to these treatments at an affordable price.