Our volunteer Board of Directors provides guidance and leadership at a national level and is made up of people with neuromuscular disorders and their family members from across the country. The national staff team is led by CEO, Barbara Stead-Coyle. Together, she and the Board work with staff and volunteers to enhance the lives of those impacted with neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources while relentlessly searching for a cure through well-funded research.

  • Chair of the Board of Directors
    • Donna Nixon
      Ottawa, ON
      Profession: Market Researcher
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I strongly believe in giving back to our society and ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate, be as productive as possible and enjoy life to the fullest. People with neuromuscular disorders face significant challenges every day. It’s important that we do all we can to support them. Together, we can do great things!”
  • Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors
    • David Crawford
      Coquitlam, BC
      Profession: VP and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Board of Trade
  • Past Chair of the Board of Directors
    • Michael L. Kaye
      Victoria, BC
      Profession: Assistant Deputy Fire Chief
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “it is a tradition within the fire service, and together we can make a difference in people’s lives.”
  • Treasurer & Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
    • David Cluff
      Ottawa, ON
      Profession: Chartered Accountant (Retired)
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I have seen the difference Muscular Dystrophy Canada can make in the lives of the people it serves, in particular with one of my close friends and colleagues.”
  • Director & Chair, Volunteer Engagement Committee
    • Debra Chiabai
      Ottawa, ON
      Profession: Teacher; Senior Instructional Designer Online Training
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because “I have seen first-hand the help and hope it brings to families through peer support, funding for equipment, and research. I have had a life-long connection with the organization, in my youth through my father’s involvement as a firefighter and more recently since my son Alex was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in 2003.”
  • Director & Chair, National Fire Fighter Relations Committee
    • Tony Rose
      Clarenville, NL
      Profession: Fire Protection Officer
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I know I’m making a difference for people with Neuromuscular Disorders.”
  • Secretary
    • Dave Ferguson
      Cowichan Bay, BC
      Profession: Retired Civil Servant; Retired Volunteer Fire Chief
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “It is the fire service’s charity of choice and the more I meet folks who are affected by neuromuscular disorders, the more I want to help make a difference for them and to ‘make muscles move.’”
  • Directors
    • Buzz Green
      Etobicoke, ON
      Profession: Management Consultant; Former Senior Executive
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I continue to be truly inspired by the remarkable courage and resilience of so many of the individuals and their families that I have met who are living with neuromuscular disorders and I wanted to do more to ensure they get all the support they need and to help raise awareness of this terrible disease.”
    • Yazmine Laroche
      Ottawa, ON
      Profession: Market Researcher
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I have a neuromuscular disorder and I want to make a difference.”
    • Alfred Breton-Paré
      Quebec, QC
      Profession: Senior CRA; Project Manager; Clinical Research Manager
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “It is the organization supporting families like mine, present since the DMD diagnosis of our son Eloi. Through the High-Rise Challenge, I want to actively support him. Being sponsored by firefighters, we are combining our efforts to raise awareness to our cause; and fundraising in order to finance research for a cure & services to Canadians living with a neuromuscular disorder. Being a member of the Board of Directors, I want to use my experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to the benefit of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. I hope to contribute in facilitating the awareness amongst clients of clinical studies being conducted in our country. By having full knowledge of potential new treatment options, MDC clients will be better equipped to take an informed decision regarding their desire to participate or not. Finally, I also want to play a role with MDC being a leader in advocating for an easy and universal access to potent and new treatments for neuromuscular disorders.”
    • Elizabeth Ivey
      Oakville, ON
      Profession: Community Pharmacist; Health Care Consultant.
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I believe in the Mission of the organization and consider it a privilege to help those affected by neuromuscular disorders.”
    • Dr. Lawrence Korngut
      Calgary, AB
      Profession: Neurologist at the Calgary Neuromuscular Clinic;
      Director,Calgary ALS and Motor Neuron Disease Clinic;
      National Principal Investigator, Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry;
      Clinical Assistant Professor (Neurology), University of Calgary
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I am continually inspired by individuals and families affected by neuromuscular conditions in my clinic, as well as, in the community.”
    • Kara Reid
      New Maryland, NB
      Profession: Occupational Therapist
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “children with neuromuscular disorders have always held a special place in my heart – first when I was a camp counselor at an Easter Seals camp in New Brunswick, and now through my position as an Occupational Therapist at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. The positive impact of Muscular Dystrophy Canada is one which can be clearly seen through the support, education, research and funding provided to children, their families and teams of health care professionals. The feedback shared by families who have been involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada has motivated me to become a more active member of this organization, so that I too can work to better the quality of life for individuals with Neuromuscular Disorders across our country.”
    • Kelly Zacharias
      Smithers, BC
      Profession: Fire Fighter
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “it is traditionally the Fire Fighters charity of choice since 1954. Having been involved as a volunteer for the past 33 years in various capacities within the organization I have seen great advancements in Research, Equipment, Advocacy and Services. These advancements have allowed those effected with a neuromuscular disorder to live fuller more independent lives and that’s what keeps me involved.”
    • Kerry Zado
      Langford, BC
      Profession: Deputy Fire Chief (Retired)
      I am involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada because: “I became involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada in 1989 as a volunteer firefighter and have served as Chair of our department since 1991. I remain involved because I believe as a group, we can make a difference.”
Barbara Stead-Coyle
Chief Executive Officer
Stacey Lintern
Chief Operating Officer
Kendra Morton
Vice President, Talent
Faith Bacolod
Director, Finance
Patricia MacArthur
Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship
Sharon Bristol
Director, Annual Campaigns
Kevin Harrison
Director, Corporate & Business Development
Marie-Helene Bolduc
Director, Mission
Pam Mosher
Director, IT and Data
Pam Musgrave
Director, Revenue Development, Fire Fighter Strategy
Heather Rice
Director, Marketing and Communications
Jeff Sparks
Director, Volunteer Engagement and Human Resources
Daria Wojtal
Director, Research

Muscular Dystrophy Canada Chapters are located across the country. Chapters are made up of individuals living with neuromuscular disorders, family members, friends, caregivers, and other community-minded supporters.

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Fire Fighters help generate revenue and raise awareness about neuromuscular disorders and the need for funding to support Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s programs and services.
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