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Saturday, June 1, 2019 Deloitte Tower



May 20th, 2018
5:00 AM Registration opens for Extreme Challenge
5:50 AM Rules to follow : Extreme Challenge
6:00 AM Beginning of Extreme Challenge
9:30 AM Registration opens for the Regular and Speed Challenges
10:30 AM Last wave of the Extreme Challenge
10:40 AM Rules to follow : Frédérick-Duguay Speed Challenge
10:50 AM Beginning of Frédérick-Duguay Speed Challenge
11:00 AM End of Frédérick-Duguay Speed Challenge
11:15 AM Opening Ceremonies
11:30 AM Ambassadors climb, rise of heroes
12:30 PM Beginning of the Regular Challenge
3:00 PM End of Regular Challenge
3:30 PM Announce the results and end of the Challenge! ☺



Katherine Digby
Firefighter Relations Manager, Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Tel. : (514)393-3522, ext. 3106 | email : katherine.digby@muscle.ca