60 Years of Progress

60 years of progress and accomplishment

Welcome! Muscular Dystrophy Canada was officially registered on September 27, 1954 and founded by Dr. David Green and Arthur Minden.

We are proud of our history of serving Canadians affected by neuromuscular disorders, their families, and their community. We have been funding leading-edge research, searching for new therapies, and medical advances that have helped Canadians affected live longer, more enriched lives.

We’d like to share some of that progress, and highlight the accomplishments in this newly created space commemorating our 60 years with stories, facts, photos and other media of our milestones, our supporters and the communities who journeyed with us. New memories and stories will be added throughout the year to the puzzle pieces – so visit often.

Glide your mouse over the puzzle piece mosaic – click the puzzle piece you are interested in to reveal the story.





Do you have a story or memory? Please share it with us – we’d love to hear from you!